The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program

After nearly 10 years of countless emails and requests for me to do it, I have finally put together and released The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program.

And it is, quite frankly, the first, last and ONLY thing you will EVER need in order to build muscle as quickly and effectively as you possibly can.

What is this program?

The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program is a fully downloadable 44 page guide to every single aspect of building muscle. It’s a complete explanation of exactly what is required for the human body to build muscle, and exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

There’s NO stupid gimmicks, NO useless products, NO crappy supplements. It’s just the proven facts, details and specifics of building muscle explained in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

This guide contains everything I’ve learned over the last decade of researching and trying things out first hand. This isn’t just what works… this is what I’ve learned works best.

What’s included in this muscle building program?

In this 44 page guide, I do A LOT more than just give you some information to learn and some guidelines to follow. I literally TELL YOU what to do and how to do it for the best possible results.

This includes…

The (brand new) Intense Workout Weight Training Routine.

This site’s official new routine is ONLY available in this guide, and it is completely updated (and MUCH more effective, you’ll learn why) than anything else currently found on this site. It combines everything I’ve learned over the last 5-8 years, and everything you will learn over the course of this guide.

This new routine will lay out…

  • exactly what specific weight training workouts to do
  • exactly what days to do them on
  • exactly what exercises to do on each day
  • exactly how many sets and reps to do for each
  • exactly how long to rest in between each set
  • exactly how to progress, and exactly how often to progress
  • and much more

Even though this guide fully explains the how’s and the why’s of building muscle, I still put it all together for you anyway and answer every question you might have along the way.

How to put together your entire Muscle Building Diet.

In addition to all of the weight training and workout info you will need, this guide will also explain exactly how to put together your entire muscle building diet.

The diet will lay out…

  • exactly how many calories to eat per day
  • exactly how many grams of protein to eat per day
  • exactly how many grams of carbs to eat per day
  • exactly how many grams of fat to eat per day
  • exactly what foods you should get each of these nutrients from
  • and much more

There’s even a full sample diet for you to learn from as well. And yes, even though absolutely NONE are needed, there’s even a section on supplements that explains the few that are proven to work.

Sounds good to me. I’m ready to

When you click “Buy Now” you will be taken to PayPal to make your payment of just $10.00.
Immediately after, you will be able to download The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program.

(Still want to learn more before you buy it? That’s fine, keep reading…)

Who is this program for?

Honestly, this program is for anyone whose goal is building muscle. Want me to be a little more specific? Alright.

This program is for you if…

  • you are just a typical average person who wants to build muscle as quickly and effectively as possible
  • you’ve been trying for months or even years to reach your muscle building goals, but it’s either barely happening or not happening at all
  • you are a complete newbie who wants to make sure everything is done right from the very beginning
  • you’re tired of being confused by one article or trainer or magazine or blog or forum post (and so on) that says to do one thing, and another that says to do something completely different
  • you don’t want to waste time, effort and money trying things, you just want to know what works so you can just do it already
  • you want to be both TAUGHT everything you need to know in order to build muscle as well as directly TOLD the specifics of everything you need to do.

If any of this sounds familiar, this is definitely the program for you.

What do I get and how do I get it?

Let’s answer the “how do I get it” part first. It’s pretty simple. Right after you pay through PayPal, you’ll IMMEDIATELY be given a link to download this muscle building program. I’ll never see any of your personal information at any time. PayPal processes your payment as safely and securely as possible, and the download link is then given to you right away.

There’s no waiting for anything to ship or anything to arrive or anything like that. You just click a link and download it in less than a minute.

As for the “what do I get” part, that’s also pretty simple. You will get a 44 page PDF file which you can open up and read through (or print) like any other text document. In addition, if I EVER add anything new to this guide or make any updates of any kind, you will get them all for freefor life.

How much does this program cost?

The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program costs only $10.00.

Seriously? Only $10.00 ?!?!

Yup, just a one time payment of 10 bucks. I know, I know. It seems really low. That’s because it is.

I looked around online for similar or even competing products, and I honestly couldn’t find one for under $40.00. The funny part is that in all of the products I looked into further, The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program is… well… way better than their junky crap. So yeah, I’m charging significantly LESS for something that is significantly BETTER. I didn’t set out to make this a big selling point, but it’s pretty hard to ignore.

A one time payment of $10 and you get 10 years worth of research and first hand experience in the form of 44 pages explaining every single detail of how to successfully build muscle. Not a bad deal.

Money Back Guarantee And FREE Email Support

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in buying this guide is this: “what more is there to learn in this guide that I can’t already learn from the site for free?” It’s a damn good question, but I have a damn good answer. There’s A LOT more to learn, and the only way you’ll understand what I mean is by taking one read through this guide.

To help prove this to you, I’m willing to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you read this entire guide and feel you didn’t get anything new or useful out of it that you didn’t already get from the site, I will gladly give you a full refund.

In addition, if you happen to have some questions about anything in this muscle building program, just send me an email and ask. I can’t promise that I’ll respond to every single question I get, but if you put “muscle building program” in the subject of your email, there’s a very good chance I’m going to reply.

So yeah, I’m offering a money back guarantee and free email support. You have nothing to lose and quite a bit of muscle to gain. Not bad for a one time payment of $10.00.

Now stop reading this and get it already.

I’m ready to Buy It Now!

Awesome. Just click here:

When you click “Buy Now” you will be taken to PayPal to make your payment of just $10.00. Immediately after, you will be able to download The Intense Workout’s Muscle Building Program.

Enjoy your results.

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