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Since 2001, The Intense Workout has been one of the internet’s most useful, honest and trustworthy sources of FREE high quality diet and fitness information.

My goal here has always been simple. To eliminate all of the lies, bad information, and overall bullshit that constantly surrounds topics like workout routines, diets, losing weight, building muscle, supplements, and so on.

My #1 purpose here is to clear up all of your confusion and help you fully understand what will work best for you, your body, and your exact goal.

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To ensure you get the best results possible, The Intense Workout will provide you with every bit of free information you will need, and cover every key aspect of diet and fitness along the way. This includes topics like:

  • Weightlifting
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  • Weight Loss
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  • How To Build Muscle
  • How To Lose Fat
  • Diets
  • Nutrition
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  • And MUCH More.

Basically, The Intense Workout will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to get the body you want. And yes, it’s all going to be free. You won’t have to buy or sign up for any sort of junk first. I promise.

Why Should You Listen To The Intense Workout?

The Intense Workout is fully owned, operated and written by just one person… me.

I first became interested in diet and fitness in 1999. I wanted to build muscle, lose fat, eat healthier, get stronger, be more athletic and just look great in general.

So, just like you, I went out searching for information on how to best reach all of those goals. What I quickly discovered was that there were thousands of websites, blogs, forums, magazines, trainers, nutritionists, strength coaches and various other sources saying so many different things.

Some of those things are right, most are wrong, and the rest are just lies and deception used to try to get people like us to buy crap we don’t need. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And that’s exactly why I started The Intense Workout. I want to help you figure out which advice you should actually listen to, and which you should avoid completely. How do I know? Because I’ve been through it all already.

I’ve used the useless workout routines, tried the silly diets, bought the crappy products and supplements, and basically wasted my time, effort and money doing what doesn’t work before finally figuring out what does.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years obsessively researching every aspect of building muscle, losing fat, weightlifting, cardio, diet, nutrition, supplements and more (and continue to do so on a daily basis) to find out exactly what works best, what works worst, and what doesn’t work at all.

I’ve read a seemingly infinite amount of books, articles and scientific studies, observed a ton of real world results, and put it all to use firsthand for myself to greatly improve my body and get the results I wanted to get.

I Want To Help You Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Improve Your Body

And now I want to help you avoid making the same mistakes I (and countless others) already have made so you can get the results you want as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Intense Workout is designed to help everyone no matter what their goals are and no matter how long they have been trying to achieve them. From the beginners who need to be pointed in the right direction to people who have been working out and dieting in some form for years and still aren’t seeing the results they want.

Whether you came here to learn about weight loss and how to lose fat, or weight gain and how to build muscle… it will be covered. Whether you came here looking for the most effective weightlifting exercises and workout routines, or the most beneficial diet plan and supplements… it will be covered. No matter what your goal or experience level is, everything you need to know to create the best diet plan and weightlifting (and/or cardio) workout will be covered right here… for free.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of this introduction already. It’s time to get to what you came here for: free high quality information explaining exactly how to get the best results possible.

Are you with me? Good. There’s a ton of stuff to see here, but the best places to start are:

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