The Proven System I’ve Used To Help
Thousands Of Men And Women Completely
Transform Their Bodies Is Finally Here!

I know what you want. Like most men and women, you want to either…

  • Build Muscle
  • Lose Fat
  • Do Both

And whichever it is, you want to do it as QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY as possible, right?

You want clear answers to your questions. You want details and specifics. You want step-by-step examples. Who cares what works… you want to know what works BEST.

Sound familiar? Well, after nearly 10 years of people asking me for it, I’ve finally created the one guide that contains everything you want.

I call it: The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide

What’s Included In This Guide?

The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide is an instantly downloadable body transformation system. I might call it a guide, but it’s MUCH more than just information to read. It’s a complete system for actually putting that information to use in the best way possible.

I’ll provide you with all of the answers, details and proven diets and workouts you’ll need to get the exact results you want. This includes:

  • The Ultimate Muscle Building Program

If your #1 goal is building muscle, then this guide will walk you though the ENTIRE process of setting up the weight training routine and diet that is PROVEN to produce the BEST muscle building results possible.

Whether you’re a guy looking to build a lot of muscle and get big fast, or a girl who only wants to tighten up and get that toned sexy body you desire, this guide contains the entire diet and workout system I’ve used to help countless people get those results.

  • The Ultimate Fat Loss Program

If your #1 goal is losing fat, then this guide will show you a lot more than how to just lose fat quickly and effectively. I’ll show you how to do it in a way that’s actually easy and enjoyable for you!

My proven fat loss system uses a specific method of diet, weight training and sometimes cardio (cardio is completely optional) in a way that still allows you to have regular cheat meals and always feel full, happy and satisfied while the fat melts away.

  • The Ultimate Program For Doing BOTH

While many people only want to build muscle, and many others only want to lose fat, some people want to do BOTH. Well, if that’s your #1 goal, then this guide lays out the exact system you need to follow in order to both build muscle AND lose fat.

It’s what has been proven to work best when you want to reach both goals as quickly as possible.

  • Everything You Need To Get The Body You Want!

This guide covers every key aspect of weight training, diet & nutrition, and cardio/aerobic training in the most detailed and easy-to-understand format you will ever find it in. I’ll show you what works best, what works the fastest, and how to apply it all to reach your specific goal and get the body you want. This includes…

The Most Effective Weight Training Routine

When it comes to workout routines, we’re not interested in just doing what “works.” No, we want to do what has been PROVEN to work BETTER than everything else. That’s why I’m going to show the difference between what works well and what works best. This guide will clearly lay out…

  • How to weight train for muscle growth, fat loss, tone & definition, or increasing strength.
  • Highly proven workout programs for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees.
  • Exactly how many sets and reps are best for your goal.
  • Exactly which exercises are best for your goal.
  • Exactly how many times you should train each muscle group/body part per week for your goal.
  • Exactly which weight training splits and schedules are best for your goal.
  • Exactly how long to rest in between each set for your goal.
  • Exactly how to progress, and exactly how often to progress.
  • How to figure out how much weight to lift for an exercise.
  • How to properly warm up.
  • How to avoid overtraining.
  • How often to change your workouts, and what type of changes to make.
  • And SO much more.
The Perfect Diet Plan

I will then take you step-by-step and show you how to set up the most effective diet possible for your specific goal. In addition, there’s also full example diet plans for different goals (building muscle or losing fat) which show you exactly how each is done for the best possible results. This guide will clearly lay out…

  • How to set up a complete muscle building diet.
  • How to set up a complete fat loss diet.
  • Full example diets for building muscle or losing fat.
  • Exactly how many calories to eat.
  • Exactly how many grams of protein, carbs and fat to eat.
  • Exactly what foods you should (and should NOT) get those nutrients from.
  • Exactly how many meals you should eat per day, and how often you should eat them.
  • How to keep your hunger under control so you are always full, happy and satisfied.
  • How to put your diet together in a way that is truly easy and enjoyable for you.
  • How to gain muscle without getting fat.
  • How to lose fat without losing muscle.
  • Which supplements are REALLY safe and scientifically proven to work.
  • And SO much more.
The Most Beneficial Cardio/Aerobic Workout

Let’s face it… cardio sucks. That’s why my system makes cardio completely optional. If you don’t want to do any, you won’t have to. But if you do, we’re going to make sure you’re doing what will work best for the results you want. This guide will clearly lay out…

  • The different types of cardio training and how they should be performed.
  • The pros and cons of steady state cardio and high intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Which type of cardio burns the most fat.
  • Which type of cardio is most ideal for you.
  • How much cardio to do, and how often to do it for your specific goal.
  • How to properly combine cardio and weight training in the same day/workout.
  • How to best apply cardio to your goal of losing fat.
  • How to best apply cardio to your goal of building muscle.
  • And SO much more.
Still Want More? Alright, Here’s More…

In addition to all of the awesome content I’ve told you about so far, there’s still a ton of added bonuses that I’m also including within The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide. You’ll get…

  • The Official Intense Workout Weight Training Routine

This site’s official brand new routine is ONLY available in this guide, and it is completely updated (and MUCH more effective, you’ll learn why) than anything else currently found on this site. It combines everything I’ve learned over the last 8 years, and everything you will learn over the course of this guide.

This is the weight training program that I personally use and most often recommend to the men and women who come to me for advice. It is BY FAR the most proven and effective routine that I have ever created.

You’ll have complete access to the full details of this program along with all of the answers to every possible question you may have about how to adjust it to fit your goals and preferences.

  • The PRE and POST Workout Nutrition Manual

Wondering what to eat before and after your workouts for maximum results? Well, as part of this guide, you’ll also get my complete PRE and POST workout meal manual.

As you will learn, getting these meals right will greatly enhance your body’s ability to build muscle, burn fat, perform during workouts, recover from them, and more. Get these meals wrong and… well… let’s not worry about that.

This included manual contains the 2 most effective and scientifically proven protocols for both your pre-workout meal AND your post-workout meal. You’ll learn exactly what these meals should (and should not) contain, and exactly what amounts they should be in.

  • Cheat Meals: How To Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Lose Fat

The most annoying part of trying to lose fat is that there are often a ton of restrictions placed on your diet that prevent you from eating many of the foods you absolutely love. And let’s be honest, that sucks.

With my system, that type of “diet torture” will be avoided. I’ll explain how to properly use cheat meals so you can still eat all of the foods you enjoy without feeling guilty and without hurting your fat loss progress in any way.

That may sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s perfectly doable as part of my proven system, and this guide will show you how.

  • The Supplement Handbook

Ever wonder which supplements actually work? Which are best for building muscle? Which are best for losing fat? Which are actually safe and effective for your exact goal? Well, as part of this guide, you’ll also get my Supplement Handbook, and it answers ALL of these questions and more.

While NO supplements are required as part of my proven system, I’ll still show you the few that truly are 100% safe and scientifically proven to help you reach your goals.

I’ll explain what each supplement does, list all potential side effects (if any), tell you exactly how much to take and when to take it, and even tell you which specific brands I personally use myself.

Who Is This Guide For?

Honestly? It’s for you. This guide is for any man or woman who wants to get the exact body they desire as quickly and easily as possible. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your specific goal is. Everything you’ll need to reach that goal is here.

  • Whether you’re male or female, young or old, beginner or advanced.
  • Whether you want to build 5 pounds of muscle, or 50.
  • Whether you want to lose 10 pounds of fat, or 100.
  • Whether you want to do a combination of both.
  • Whether you want to be big and muscular or just get lean and toned.
  • Whether you want the most effective weight training routine, the perfect diet plan, or the most beneficial cardio workout.

I’ve poured everything I’ve got into this guide in order to create the one resource that will single handedly prevent you from EVER wasting any time, effort or money TRYING to get the results you want. It’s time to finally GET those results once and for all.

What Do I Get And How Do I Get It?

What do you get? Simple. The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide is an instantly downloadable PDF file that you open up and read through (or print) like any other text document.

That means you literally get INSTANT ACCESS to everything I’ve mentioned above (and more). Plus, whenever I make any updates to this guide (to add new sample programs, new information, etc.), you will automatically receive the updated versions for FREE, for LIFE!

How do you get it? That’s just as simple. Right after you pay through PayPal, you’ll IMMEDIATELY be given a link to download this guide. I’ll never see any of your personal information at any time. PayPal processes your payment as safely and securely as possible, and the download link is then given to you instantly!

There’s absolutely NO waiting for anything to ship or get delivered. You just click a link and download it in less than a minute.

How Much Does This Guide Cost?

For everyone else, this guide costs $20.00. That’s the normal price everyone pays… except you. As promised, since you have already spent $10 buying one of the other guides, you automatically get a $10 discount on this one.

So for you, The Ultimate Fat Loss & Muscle Building Guide costs only $10.00.

Yup, that’s 50% off. Not a bad deal, huh? And yes, that includes EVERYTHING I’ve described on this page (and much more).

100% Money Back Guarantee And FREE Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

One of the most common questions I get from people interested in buying this guide is this: “What more is there to learn in this guide that I can’t already learn from the site for free?” It’s a damn good question, but I have a damn good answer…

There’s A LOT more to learn, and the only way you’ll truly understand what I mean is by taking one read through this guide. In fact, I’m so sure of it that I’m willing to offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee.

If you read this guide and feel you didn’t get anything new or useful out of it or didn’t get the absolute best results you’ve ever gotten, I will gladly give you a full refund. No questions asked.

In addition, if you happen to have any questions about anything in this guide, just send me an email and ask. I respond to nearly every single question I get. Just remember to put “Ultimate Guide” in the subject of your email so I can give it more priority and attention over all the others.

So, I’m offering a full money back guarantee and free email support. There’s no risk here, just reward. You honestly have nothing to lose and some amazing results to gain. Now stop reading this and get it already.

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