Diet & Fitness Tips Suck! STOP Taking The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator

I have this thing about diet tips and fitness tips. And by thing I really mean hatred for. I am fully aware of how strange that may sound. I’m also sure you’re wondering why. What exactly is my problem? How could a person actually HATE diet and fitness tips? Well, it’s pretty simple.

I just happen to hate useless things, and in my humble opinion, the majority of diet tips and fitness tips you come across are completely useless. Not just useless either… but plain old stupid and potentially counterproductive to reaching your goal. Knowing this, can you really blame me for hating them?

The question is, if diet tips and fitness tips are indeed as useless, stupid and sometimes even counterproductive like I claim, why do they continue to exist? This one is simple.

Diet & Fitness Tips Are NOT Meant To Help You

Really, it’s true. Granted, actually being helpful to you might be the secondary goal of these tips, but the #1 goal of every list of diet and fitness related tips you ever see is to help get you to read something that someone else is using to make money.

What I mean is, go check out the magazine rack at a store and tell me what you see on the covers.

  • 10 Weight Loss Tips!
  • 3 Workout Tips For Getting Perfect Abs!
  • 5 Bodybuilding Tips For Getting Bigger Arms!
  • 20 Calorie Burning Tips From Celebrity Trainers!

Now go check out the most recent posts on the most popular diet and fitness related blogs and websites. You’ll see similar titles and similar lists. People see these eye catching headlines and then buy the magazine or read the website. After all, who wouldn’t want to know all of these fantastic tips?

The one tiny little problem here is that there are only so many actual pieces of useful diet and fitness advice and information. Come to think of it, there’s probably not even enough to fill one whole magazine, let alone thousands of magazines, newspaper articles, websites and blog posts every single day, week or month. So then, how do they come up with these new useful diet and fitness tips all the time?

The answer is, they don’t.

  1. I mean, there will be a heading that includes the words Diet Tips or Fitness Tips, and they’ll probably be in bold.
  2. And yeah, underneath that there will be enough words to form some sentences, usually short ones.
  3. And sure, the sentences will very likely be on separate lines.
  4. And of course there is a 99% chance of those sentences being numbered.
  5. But that’s all it is.
  6. Nothing useful there.
  7. Just a way to fill pages of a magazine or newspaper or website in a format that’s appealing to you, the reader.

What, what’s that you say? You don’t believe me? You think I’m making this up? You want to see an example? Okay, you got it. Here’s my personal favorite of all diet and fitness tips. Actually, I’m not really sure if it even qualifies as either. All I know is every single weight loss or workout related article I’ve ever read always includes this one on its list of tips. Let me know if you’ve heard it before…

Taking The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator

Sound familiar? The suggestion that you should take the stairs instead of the elevator? Heard it before? Yeah, I thought so.

Listen… taking the stairs instead of the elevator will cause you to walk a little extra during the course of your day, and extra walking is almost always a positive thing. However, unless you live or work on the 1,384th floor, IT WILL NOT CAUSE YOU TO LOSE 50LBS!!! Hell, 99.999% of the time it won’t make any useful difference whatsoever in the grand scheme of your results.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I see stupid diet and fitness tips like this one, I always get this picture in my head of some lazy person who needs to lose 30lbs reading this article and thinking “Hey… I guess I don’t really need to come up with a workout or get a gym membership. I’ll just take the stairs instead of the elevator.” Or sometime later on that day thinking “Hmmm, you know what? I’m going to eat this extra bit of junk food now. After all, I did take the stairs instead of the elevator today.”

Can you now understand why I used the word “counterproductive” when describing some of these diet and fitness tips earlier? Not only are most of them stupid and borderline pointless (like my example was), but they can actually do more harm than good.

Only A Few Tips Truly Matter

Never once have I seen a list of diet tips include something like “Tip #1 – Figure out how many calories you eat each day and then add or subtract 500 to it depending on whether you are looking to lose weight or gain weight.” You know why I’ve never seen that before? Because that one tip gives it all away. People would read it and do it and get results and therefore have no need to buy next month’s issue or read next week’s blog post to see the newest list of diet tips.

No matter what your goal is, it is going to take REAL work and BIG changes to get there, not occasionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator or other similar nonsense. To me, these stupid diet and fitness tips make it appear as though there are these other easy meaningless things that you can do to get to your goal instead of those really important things that truly need to be done. That’s unfortunately just not true.

And yeah, I know, the point of some of these little tips I refer to as stupid and pointless is to help people who don’t have the time to make big changes (like create a proper diet and workout correctly) make smaller positive changes. Here’s what I have to say to that thought…

If you have the time to read the same terrible list of diet and fitness tips, it means you have the time to organize your diet plan and workout routine and put them both into action. If you have time to take the stairs instead of the elevator, you could probably find a way to add a little more time to that and get a real workout in at some point during your day.

Honestly, these are the things that will make real results happen. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is just going to make you late for work.

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