Food Cravings – How To Stop Eating So Much Junk Food & Sugar!

A popular question that I get all the time is about how to stop giving in to food cravings. You know, how to stop eating so much of your favorite junk food and high sugar snacks.

Maybe it’s chocolate, ice-cream or candy of some kind, or maybe it’s cookies, cake or cereal, maybe potato chips or fast food, or just something you just love to eat, but need to stop eating because it is junk food that is high in calories, sugar and other things you’re trying to avoid.

Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, no matter what your goals are, we all love some type of junk food that we know we need to stop eating or at least greatly limit. The problem is, some people just can’t stop. They just can’t “get rid of the cravings” for these foods, and just can’t stop giving in to their food cravings. Luckily, I’m here to help you.

But First, A Warning…

Before I go any further, let me give you an honest warning. This article is NOT intended for everyone. It’s something I’m writing specifically for people who lack will power and desperately need a strong kick in the ass to get motivated and stick to their diet. These are the people who can’t make cheat days work (it just causes them to fall off their diet) and can’t just “indulge in moderation” like many of us can (which is something I often recommend, just not in this article).

I get emails from these kinds of people all the time, and they constantly ask for an article like this. So, if this describes you, then keep on reading. If it doesn’t, then this article is definitely not for you. I don’t really recommend doing what I explain in this article to anyone except the type of person I just described. So, you’ve been warned. Now let’s get down to business.

“Sticking To My Diet Is Too Hard”

SHUT UP!!!! Who the hell are you to whine to me? Shut up already!! Sure, I can completely understand if your problems with getting the results you want are from the wrong information about your workout or diet. I’ve been there before. I used to do the wrong stuff. But after I finally learned what works, I created this website to help others avoid the same problems I used to have.

I want to save you time, money and effort by giving you free honest information about how to get the results you want. But, this isn’t about your diet or workout. This isn’t about you wasting money on some useless ab workout machine or stupid weight loss product or other useless supplements and gimmicks that weren’t working for you. This is about food cravings.

Don’t whine to me. I’ve heard it before… “It’s so hard, I’m around this type of food all the time, the cravings just won’t go away, I have a sweet tooth, I just have to give in to the cravings.”

Stop it, you’re boring me.

Don’t give me your little stories. Like how you are around this type of food all the time. Do you think you are the only one, buddy? Everyone I know and am related to eats junk food all day long. This crappy food is everywhere I look. I am no different than you, except, I don’t give in.

Do I have super human powers? No. Do I not give in because my arms are bigger than yours? No. Do I not give in because I can bench press more than you? No. Do I not give in because my body fat is lower than yours? No. Do I not give in because I am physically better or physically stronger than you? No.

I don’t give in because…

I Am Mentally Stronger Than You

That’s all it is really, mental. And for you to give in and me not to give in, we can only assume that I am mentally stronger than you. How does that make you feel? I don’t know a damn thing about you, but I know that mentally, I can do something that you cannot. It sure makes me feel good though. That fact puts a smile on my face every single day. So, thanks for being so mentally weak. It will make me work that much harder during my next workout. Thanks a lot.

Sorry, did I hurt your feelings yet? I didn’t mean to, I’m just stating the truth. It’s not my fault if the truth hurts. You understand now that this is all mental, right? You understand that it’s all a matter of mental strength and will power, don’t you? Good. Here’s what you do.

Next time your little food cravings start coming out, think about this. Look at the food and think, “What do I want more… the 5 seconds of enjoyment that I will have while I chew this food, or the enjoyment of the fact that 24 hours of every day, 7 days of every week, I will have the body that I want to have.”

That is what it comes down to really, and let me tell you… no food tastes as good as that feeling feels.

And you other people, you bullshitters. The ones that give me that speech about how “every food is okay if eaten in moderation.” And how “no one should deny themselves anything.” These are the same people who probably believe in having “cheat days.” Cheat days are the 1 day of the week where some people allow themselves to cheat a little from their diet and give into their food cravings, in moderation of course, kind of like a reward for the good work they did all week.

You know what… BULLSHIT! The hell with you and your cheat days. Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is 1 day of cheating? What kind of crap is this? Your reward for sticking to your diet all week is RESULTS! Remember them? They’re the reason that you are on this diet and working out in the first place. To get results!!! Not to have a cheat day at the end of the week.

Every food is okay as long as it’s eaten in moderation. One candy bar won’t hurt. One cookie won’t hurt. One piece of junk food won’t hurt. Maybe, but only if you CAN stop at one. If you can’t, then it WILL definitely hurt.

That means that the cheat days and the idea of “giving into your food cravings in moderation” that supposedly helps us stick to our diets actually does the opposite for many of us. It makes people feel guilty. It makes people crave that food even more. It keeps the cravings alive and strong.

Well, guess what? You are giving into your cravings for 5 seconds of chewing enjoyment, and nothing more. Stop giving in to those cravings and the cravings will go away. Simple as that.

What are you thinking now? Who am I? Like I never cheat or give into my cravings a little? This isn’t about me, this is about you. And you appear to be someone who is unable to give in to sugar and junk food cravings in moderation and should therefore avoid it completely. The thought of eating some type of junk food needs to be removed from your mind in order for you to stick to your diet.

You are the type of person who needs to realize that you don’t need or benefit from those 5 seconds. You need to become stronger than that.

Eat For Purpose, Not Pleasure

Call it will power, or call it mental strength. Your goal is to get results. Your road to getting those results doesn’t have to have 5 seconds of chewing pleasure. You need to eat for purpose, not pleasure. Food is not a hobby. Food is something your body needs to survive, and in the case of working out and getting results, food is something your body needs so that you can get those results. Food is nothing more than that.

So, give your body only what it needs to make these results happen. Does your body need the 5 seconds it takes for you to chew a piece of chocolate? No. Does your mind need it? It shouldn’t. It should be stronger than that because the feeling of not needing it feels much better than any piece of chocolate would ever taste.

Like I said, you need to eat for purpose, not pleasure. That statement sums up the solution to the problem many people have with “cheat days” and “food cravings” and “everything is okay if it’s eaten in moderation.” If you can make that type of mindset work, go for it. But if you can’t… then it will always be the downfall of your diet.

So don’t whine to me about how hard it is for you. Do you think I will feel bad for you? I won’t. You are not special. It is exactly as hard for you as it is for me and EVERYONE else. What’s the difference? I have what it takes mentally. You know what else? You have it too. You just need to learn to use it. And, hopefully… this article has helped bring it out.

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