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After running this website for so many years now and receiving tons of emails each day, I’ve come to realize that some people seem to be more interested in searching for the best weight loss program than they are in actually losing the weight itself. It’s strange, I know.

I’ve honestly lost track of the number of emails I’ve gotten from people in search of this supposed best weight loss program. The one that is the most effective. The one that will get results the fastest. The one that is the easiest to do. They want to know which of the many weight loss programs that exist is the official BEST one of all.

Well, the answer to this almighty question really depends on what your definition of “best” is. See, to me, when it comes to an effective way to lose weight, the best weight loss program is the one that… ya know… causes you to lose weight. If it works, and it fits the general guidelines of good health, it’s the best to me.

I mean, if you really love carbs and can’t live without them, a low carb diet would not be the best for you. But me… I could suck it up and do whatever the gimmick is. Really to me, the only way a program can’t be the best is if it doesn’t work. But hey, that’s just me. And, as it turns out, a lot of people aren’t me… and these people enjoy sending me emails.

What Is Your Definition Of “Best?”

So People-Who-Enjoy-Sending-Me-Emails, what is your definition of the best weight loss program? Think about it for a second. What to you would make one better than all the other programs? Would it be the one that’s going to allow you to lose 20lbs a week?

If so, give up now. You will never find it. It doesn’t exist.

Would it be the one that will you allow to lose weight at a normal, healthy rate… but without having to eat right or workout?

If so, you may be confusing the word “best” with the word “impossible.” Stop looking… you’re just wasting your time.

Would it be the one that revolves around a diet pill or fitness product of some kind that is going to make everything easier and faster than it could ever be?

If so, you might as well take your 3 easy payments of $19.95 and set them on fire.

There are no quick fixes. There are no magic pills or products. There is no tip, secret or gimmick that is going to make weight loss happen any easier or faster for you. There just isn’t.

So, knowing all of this, what is your definition of the best weight loss program now? Chances are it could have been any of the ones you’ve already skipped over in search of one that is somehow better than them all. This obsession with finding the one that is the official “best” is doing nothing good for you in anyway. There is no such thing as the best weight loss program. There is no such thing as the best diet. There is no such thing as the best workout.

There is simply what works and what doesn’t.

Sure, there may be programs that are more convenient and enjoyable for you than another. Going back to my low carb example before, if you are super in love with carbs, the low carb diet may not be too enjoyable for you. But, we aren’t talking about the most convenient/enjoyable weight loss program. We are talking about the best one.

So, What Exactly Is Best? I’ll Tell You…

Best is nothing more than a crazy idea put into your head by the advertising departments of all of the commercial weight loss programs, books and “experts.” They want you to think that the low carb diet is better than the low fat diet, or vice-versa depending on which they are trying to sell you.

They want you to believe that the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the Zone diet, the Body For Life program, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are all better than each other. Each one wants you to think that their gimmick is the best weight loss program of them all.

The average person looking to lose 30lbs sees all of this and it puts a crazy idea into their head. An idea that makes them more concerned with finding the best weight loss program than they are with actually losing the 30lbs.

Problem is, losing weight requires consistency, and it is mighty hard to stay consistent with a diet and workout when you are bombarded with the idea that what you are doing isn’t the “BEST” diet and workout you could be doing.

It amazes me how some people can come to this very website and skip right past an article titled “how to lose weight.” It amazes me how people can completely ignore an article that describes itself as containing “everything you need to know in order to lose weight” so they can instead get my email address, type in the question “What is the best weight loss program?” and hit send.

It amazes me that people can’t just realize that all the time and effort they are wasting looking for the best way to lose weight could have been spent on losing weight already.

Stop Searching, Start Working

So, for the people who email me with this goal of finding the best weight loss program, listen up. Take most of the unhealthy useless junk you eat, and replace it with better, higher quality foods. Then, gradually eat a little less than you’ve been eating. Then, workout properly.

That is the best weight loss program. That is the most effective. That is the easiest. That is the fastest. That is the healthiest. That is everything you want it to be and more. Stop asking people what programs they’re on. Stop buying new diet books. Stop searching. What you want doesn’t exist.

What I just explained may have been a bit broad, but it’s ok. The specific details are all here, for free, on this web site. This is where your search for the best weight loss program officially ends.

My guide to Weight Loss is the perfect place to start. Combined with various other articles I’ve written, you will learn every single thing you need to know and do. Is it the best? That’s impossible to answer. What it is however is simple, free and effective.

If followed correctly it is impossible for it to not work. It isn’t based on a gimmick. It is based on the actual way the human body loses weight without any fancy marketing to make it appear as though it is the BEST program available. It’s simply what works, and that’s all you really need.

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